50Watt fiber laser deep engraving machine for metal
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50Watt fiber laser deep engraving machine for metal  

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You can get solutions and applications for metal deep engraving laser machine

Metal deep engraving laser machine with 50watt fiber laser source is mainly used for deep engraving on metal surface and non-metal surface,such as guns,firearms,stainless steel,aluminum,brass etc metal.The deep fiber metal engraving machine also can cut thin metal sheet.

Fiber laser deep metal engraving machine also called laser metal engraving machine,

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Machine Characteristics of metal laser marking machine:

1.High speed with galvanometer;
2. Small volume,light weight;
3.Low power, consumption power is less than 500w
4.Completely air cooling,low energy;
5.No influence of the severe environment and temperature change. If no power,  battery and car cigarette lighter can be used for working;
6.Greatly reduce the depreciation cost, satisfying customers' stable large qantities produing.

Application industry of metal laser deep engraving machine:

Applicable industry:gold & silver jewellery,sanitary ware,food packing, tobacco products,medicine packing, medical apparatus and instruments, watches &glassware,auto accessories, electronic hardware 
Applicable materials: gold & silver, stainless steel, ceram, plactic, glass, stone, leather, cloth,bamboo and so on
Applicable show:
auto accessories marking, tobacco products marking, beer bottle marking,ring marking, electronic products marking

Details Display of Fiber laser deep metal engraving machine:

Laser source of fiber engraving machine,100000 hours lifetime,Raycus/Max/IPG optional

Galvo Lens and Field Lens of metal deep engraving machine

Galvo lens equipped with automatic scanning system, friendly operation process.

Field Lens, Compact size. Suitable for harsh environment, friendly interface.

 Control Buttons of name plate engraving machine

Humanized controller button,safe and convenient,dust proof design for buttons

Work Platform of small metal engraving machine

Aluminum work table,flat and smooth,compact structure,Simple interface

Wires of metal tag engraving machine

Aviation plug,ensure thousands of times torsion and bending stress

Control Software of metal nameplate engraving machine

Easy to learn,friendly operation process

Wooden Package of fiber laser engraving machine

Small CBM,save shipping cost ,easy for air shipping or sea shipping

Optional Parts of metal plate engraving machine

Rotary device for round object marking,such as cylinder metal/plastic part,pen...

Technical parameters Of metal laser engraving machine price

Technical parameters

XR20W Fiber laser marking machine

Laser Source

Raycus/MAX/IPG as optional

Laser power

10w/20w/302/50w as optional



Beam quality


Laser Repeat frequency

≤100 KHz

Marking Scope


Optional Marking Scope


Marking Depth


Marking Speed


Minimum Line Width


Minimum character


Repeated accuracy


Consumpation power


Power supply


Cooling mode

Air cooling

Work samples on metal and non-metal materials ,marking machine for steel

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